Our Collective Wake-Up Call: An Invitation Forward

We are being given a powerful invitation.

People are in fear, and so much about our collective psyche is being revealed right now. There is a deep ignorance that flows just beneath the surface of our day-to-day lives. And, under so much pressure, that surface has finally broken open.

We are in a state of positive disintegration. The tension, anxiety, depression, fear, paralysis, all of it, is a collective wake-up call, inviting us into the next level of our evolution.

We are invited to ask deeper questions about who we are as individuals, as society, to peel back layers of an old paradigm that treats sexual degradation and objectification of women as normal, that views the world as separated from nature and therefore exploits Earth and other animals as instruments to further human goals, that begs for some kind of identity or way of belonging to feel whole, even if it means killing others and creating an us-versus-them mentality. 

It is time to evolve from this old paradigm and reconnect to our deeply human values.

The fact is, we are all in this together, all of us unfolding in an evolutionary journey of over 13 billion years. There are no real lines on Earth, just on our maps; regardless of skin color, sexual preference, religion or culture, there are no real differences between us at all. We are human animals, a curious expression of cosmic intelligence that has somehow lost touch with who we truly are. It is time we start acting like it.

Take a moment to listen to the morning birdsong welcome in the new day, the silent sun stretching its rays to embrace Earth, feel into the awesome power of a waterfall roaring over ancient mountains…

We are so much more than this.

I watch my young son play make-believe, and he creates these amazing worlds that become so real to him. He knows he is playing. We have all been there. Can you remember creating stories from your imagination, whole worlds and characters that you would become?

The only difference now is that we have forgotten that we are playing. Yes, my friends, we are still creating imaginary worlds. When we connect with others who like the world we have created, we begin to create together.

We are engaged in a collective game of make-believe and, in many cases, our stories are killing us.

When we finally see it for the illusions that it is, we get all our power back as the creators of this story. We are no longer hijacked by the conditions of society or our collective wounds, we are empowered with a new role, and we get to choose how the story unfolds from here.

We get to choose.

Right now, in the midst of political, ecological and social chaos, living a story that is too small, it is more critical than ever that we come together and remember ourselves, our collective strength, the deeper evolutionary call coming from our future selves.

We can choose to create a world of compassion and connection, where all humans, non-human animals and Earth are protected. We can choose a world where all belong and all are treated equally. 

We can allow this moment to move us forward more passionately, more creatively. We can embrace this darkness and love it as a great teacher, who guides us deeper into ourselves and reminds us of the potential and possibilities within us.

We are being given a powerful invitation to see ourselves and others more clearly, to make some crucial changes in our own behavior and prioritize the thing that matters most: Life.

The question is, do you accept?

Written by:

Val Silidker
Co-Founder & Director of Psychospiritual Institute

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