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Psychosynthesis holds that we are all in an evolutionary process of integrating seemingly separate parts of ourselves to express our whole, true Selves.  Rather than feeling stuck or sabotaged by a situation in life or by limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can find true understanding and compassion for ourselves, and others, releasing our potential to confidently live our deepest truth.  The Self calls us to our essentially unique expressions of qualities that we are born with: beauty, grace, compassion, persistence, determination, dynamism and many more. These qualities can be thought of as variations of Love and Power (Will), which are the colors of our true Selves, manifesting as our personal drives, callings and longings to be the best we can be.

Psychosynthesis Coaching is a co-created process of uncovering and using those qualities and energies to be your best self, to manifest personal goals for work and relationships, with others, and with your Self.

Coaching often involves aligning the parts (or subpersonalities) that  feel at odds with each other.  (“I want to lose weight, but I can’t seem to control my eating habits,” “I want a different job, but I’m afraid to give up my security,” “I want to stand up to my parents, but I feel like a little kid around them.”).  It may involve creating strategies for manifesting specific goals and it may involve the process of inquiry into life and life's various problems and opportunities. The arena of work for coaching is wide, covering, all aspects of the evolution of life.

Psychosynthesis Coaches and clients work together to honor, integrate and synthesize your core qualities, your inner and outer resources and the Call of your Self to allow your energy and creativity  to flow into manifesting your life goals. That is the goal of the work we enter together in Psychosynthesis Coaching.

Val Silidker

Val Silidker M.S., BCC (Board Certified Coach) is co-founder/director of Psychospiritual Institute and founder/director of Inspired Life Workshops. She is a deep ecologist, evolutionary activist, mindset and leadership coach & trainer, community builder and former adjunct professor at Florida International University. Val coaches individuals and groups, and has produced and facilitated dozens of transformational events, retreats and workshops. Her work is focused on our inner evolution & conscious self-awareness, sacred activism and the transpersonal psychology of Psychosynthesis. Through experiential work, in-depth teachings and deep inquiry, Val works with change-makers, emerging leaders and visionaries to inspire the highest level of mindset, connection and creativity in their relationships and lives. Val is passionate about the Universe Story, nature and the human psyche, rewilding our hearts and authentic connection work, and has been facilitating connection work for over 15 years. She believes that through love and connection, we are inspired into sacred action toward a more compassionate and whole world.

Alyssa Shannon Whitehouse

Alyssa Shannon Whitehouse, M.B.A., BCC (Board Certified Coach) is co-founder and director of creative & operations at Psychospiritual Institute. Alyssa is also a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) with specific certifications in psychosynthesis, HeartMath, therapeutic art, kids coaching, addiction and recovery, holistic nutrition and kids yoga.

Alyssa works primarily with mothers and daughters to support deeper, more authentic connection and expansive growth.  Alyssa's work combines spiritual psychology, deep discovery techniques, holistic wellness, and healing art practices to support mothers and daughters to move through blocks, deepen their relationship to themselves and each other, see hidden opportunities, embrace their gifts, and step more fully into the wholeness of who they are.

Alyssa believes that the willingness to look deep within, loving what we find and the courage to be vulnerable inspires authentic, deep connection to ourselves, each other and our world.