Become a Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach,
and Live Your Purpose

2021 Programs Begin Each Year in March & September

The March 2021 program is full.

The next Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership certification program begins September 2021.

Weekly Live Video Classes on Zoom:
Mondays 12-2pm EST

Weekend Intensives:
October 2021 & May 2022

"This program was a beautiful empowering journey.  A deep dive into Self.  A profound awareness of all that I am and all that I choose to be.  A mastery of tools for removing layers of limitations.  A catalyst for transforming my experience of life.  I have a greater sense of clarity, freedom, and abundance in my life. Thank you for this amazing experience. I highly recommend this program!" -ELAINE REINOSO, PLC & Financial Freedom Coach


This is a 136-hour Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Training Program.  Training leads to Certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC). For those qualified, it also leads to a Board Certified Coach (BCC) Accreditation BCC

Psychosynthesis Coach training works with the principles of psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology. In psychosynthesis coaching, the coach and client are a team devoted to supporting the client’s movement towards purpose, meaning and values, in large or small ways, in personal and transpersonal arenas, in daily life issues, for executive or business needs, in groups or individually, and in person or by teleconference or digital platforms.

Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program Details

This program is designed to meet the needs of people newly entering the field of coaching and those who want to become certified in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching (Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach -PLC). People with appropriate credentials will also be eligible for national certification as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through CCE-global, the credentialing arm of the National Board of Certified Counselors.

The Program Includes:

Two weekend intensives

Weekly live video meetings and teleconferences

Three Saturday video conference intensives

Co-coaching fieldwork practice with partners and groups

Two psychosynthesis books and suggested reading list

Access to full online student library with additional reading material, exercises and video modules

Special guest speakers

Ongoing faculty support

Methods of Learning Include:



Experiential learning

Interactive exercises

Personal growth processes and self-development that ground the trainee in the practice of psychosynthesis

Practice work, in and out of sessions

Support work (reading, reflective writing and creative exercises)

Observation of coaching with teams

Coaching demonstrations

Supplemental video modules

In this life-transforming course, you will experience theory and embodied practice, develop effective, comprehensive coaching skills and tune in to deep personal intuition, transformation and empowerment.

Experience Profound Personal Growth:

  • Gain rich consistent insight into your Self, Ego and Universal Consciousness
  • Develop deep awareness about the way you identify or limit yourself and others, exploring and working with your own sub-personalities
  • Learn mind-shifting tools that support activation of your will and the ability to respond to each situation from your highest intention and values
  • Understand your own Call of Self-- not just purpose-driven, but soulfully, driven by divine purpose.
  • Explore levels of awareness through understanding the conscious and unconscious realms within
  • Connect more deeply with your Higher Consciousness
  • Develop each of your own psychological functions- sensation, emotion, impulse-desire, imagination, thought, intuition, will and personal self
  • And so much more
From this embodied space, you will learn how to hold space for others as a psychosynthesis guide, a board certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach!

You Will Learn:

  • Theory and practice that include the use of the full range of psychological functioning
  • Deep work with sub-personalities in others
  • All the insightful maps into our inner world
  • Techniques of imagery, dialogue, journaling, goal setting, cognitive, emotional, and sensory awareness and more
  • Coaching and business skills to give you confidence to support others on their journey and create a thriving way of being in service to the world!

Participants are encouraged to look into the BCC credentialing process and their specific requirements, if board certification is a desired goal (

The tuition for the 9-month, 136-hr Accredited Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program is $7,997 USD.

A refundable $500 USD deposit and application are required to hold your space in the program.  Students who pay in full up front will receive a $1000 USD discount bringing the total tuition to $6,997 USD. ($500 deposit is part of the total tuition)

For those who are enduring financial challenges and in need of financial assistance, this program is eligible for partial scholarships from the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP). To find out more information, or to apply for the AAP partial scholarship, visit

Additionally, Psychospiritual Institute offers interest-free, monthly payment plans for those who qualify.

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For the September 2021 Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program