Become a Board Certified Psychosynthesis Coach,
and Live Your Purpose

Are you called to live your heart's purpose through coaching?

Do you walk the middle path: psychology and spirit,
science and the soul, the East and the West; do you live in the 'and'?

Would you love to support others to live fully aware
and access their potential while also developing self-mastery?

Then you are meant to be here.

We work with changemakers, mission-driven entrepreneurs, and compassionate troublemakers,
who want to make an impact in the world and create a thriving business that transforms lives.

Does this sound like you?

Become a Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Our next certification program begins September 2019

Psychospiritual Coaching is different than other coaching programs.

Our comprehensive accredited program is based on the transpersonal psychology of Psychosynthesis, which explores the evolutionary potential of human consciousness. It blends science and spirituality through 7 core concepts of transformation that address the whole person. Psychosynthesis deepens self-awareness and inspires powerful, purpose-driven choices that create a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Through Psychosynthesis, we become the master of ourselves and experience new levels of freedom.

The transformation of our world begins within each one of us.

Would you like to become a Psychosynthesis Coach?

Whether you are beginning your coaching journey or working as a coach, yet long to work within a system that supports lasting transformation for your clients, this program is for you.

Imagine yourself...

⇒ Confidently supporting others to transform their lives

⇒ Creating a thriving coaching business that gives you financial freedom

⇒ Working for yourself, on your own time, doing what you love

⇒ Developing self-mastery as you build your confidence to better serve others and our world


All of this is possible, and it is our passion to support you in this process.

Here is what our former students have to say:

This was and is one of the most powerful and transformational experiences of my life.

"This was and is one of the most powerful and transformational experiences of my life. This beautiful group has helped support and nurture my growth as I evolved into a father. It not only helped me it genuinely transformed me. It helped me understand how to become the best father I could be and what fatherhood means to me. This certification program helped me work through my fears and limiting beliefs I have stepping into this new chapter of my life. I am forever grateful for this journey and family I have found. I feel so ready to conquer my goals and desires and create the life I truly wish to live. Thank you, Ohana!"

- Leo Castrence, PLC, Transformational Life Coach and Fatherhood Paradigm Activator

I have a greater sense of clarity, freedom, and abundance in my life.

"This program was a beautiful empowering journey. A deep dive into Self. A profound awareness of all that I am and all that I choose to be. A mastery of tools for removing layers of limitation. A catalyst for transforming my experience of life. I have a greater sense of clarity, freedom, and abundance in my life. Thank you for this amazing experience. I highly recommend this program!"

-Elaine Reinoso, PLC, Financial Freedom Coach

Psychosynthesis has positively transformed the way I honor myself and others.

"Our nine month gestation together! We have expanded individually yet with so much mirroring and deep holding of each other. Psychosynthesis has positively transformed the way I honor myself and others. Its an invitation to celebrate all of our different gifts, journeys, and beauty as we embody love empathy, compassion and presence in service of each other and our collective unification!!!"

-Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C, MMS, FAAMFM, PLC, Functional Medicine, Life & Wellness Coach

This program can change your life!

"I love what this certification program is all about!  I am humbled and in awe of the freedom I have found to be my Self. I am connecting more deeply with others and with Source, actively creating my own life through action, devotion, and will and receiving and giving love and presence like I’ve not experienced until now.  The teachings of Psychosynthesis and the Psychospiritual Coaching certification led by Val, Alyssa, and Jon, contain powerful wisdom put into a useful and effective system for directly serving clients, friends and communities. I am so glad to have the opportunity to devote the energy and time along with this group of heart-centered, powerful human beings.  I have discovered parts of myself that have been deeply buried and hidden, and I am so please with the transformation I am experiencing in my life.  If this work speaks to you, let the possibility sit in your heart. This program can change your life.

- Lindsay Sternberg, MSW, PLC, Certified Yoga Teacher and Trauma-Informed Coach, Counselor Consultant

Psychosynthesis gives me a better understanding, acceptance and curiosity about myself and the people with whom I connect every day in my life.

“The 9 month program is the beginning of a new path that will never end! I love the small size of the group, so we all had a chance to participate. How we all can fall into pieces and rise from the ashes, all due to the twists and turns of our minds. Psychosynthesis gives me a better understanding, acceptance and curiosity about myself and the people with whom I connect every day in my life. I've learned how to do it better, with more meaning, less attachments and more joy!”

- Julia Lane, PLC, Life Coach

There is no better team to work with.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this powerful and necessary work. If there is anything I can say about this course it is that my decision to take it was among the best I've made in years. If you are called to look deep and aid others on the beautiful path of self realization, there is no better team to work with. I believe that Psychosynthesis provides a reliable base as well as the fundamental tools needed in the work of life coaching. I love this family! And am so grateful for the amazing network of support I've found here.

- Vienna Jasmin, PLC, Life Coach

Are you ready to take the next step toward becoming a Psychosynthesis Coach?

This powerful training is only offered twice a year in an intimate group of 15 people.
We are currently accepting applications for our September 2019 program.

Schedule a call with us today.
Let’s explore if this is the right next step for you to create the life you dream!

Psychospiritual Institute

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis explores levels of awareness and the activation of the will. Along with a comprehensive theory and methodology to support access to the will, theory and practice include the use of the full range of psychological functioning; work with subpersonalities; techniques of imagery, dialogue, journaling, goal setting, cognitive, emotional, and sensory awareness and a commitment to purpose, meaning and values as the path to well being.

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Certified Coach Trainings

Psychospiritual Coaching is offering Board Certified Coach Training in Psychosynthesis in South Florida beginning every Spring and Fall. The 120-hour, 9-month program offers in-person weekend intensives with supplemental teleconference and zoom trainings as well as opportunities to practice co-coaching working with the principles of psychosynthesis. Successful completion leads to Certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC) and provides the training requirements for Board Certified Coach Accreditation.

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Apply now for early admission to our program Fall program beginning September 2019. At Psychospiritual Coachingthe coach training program offers a hybrid of in-person, zoom video meetings, teleconferences and independent study. The program is designed for those new to psychosynthesis, as well as people with psychosynthesis backgrounds who want to pursue further Professional Training and/or Life Coach CertificationContact us for more information. 

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Become a Board Certified Coach!

Our next 9-month Psychosynthesis Coach Training Program begins September 2019.

The Call of Self

"The Call of Self, a phrase coined in psychosynthesis long ago, is the center point of work. It is the assumption that each individual has the capacity to tune in, deeply, to a sense of life purpose. Individuals enter coaching in response to this very call of self, as they hear a need to grow, reorient, expand, heal or even reinvent their lives."

~ Dr. Dorothy Firman