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What does it mean to lead ourselves and lead our world in a time of change?

Do you walk the middle path between science and spirit?

Are you ready to connect to a deeper sense of purpose, meaning and contribution in your life? 

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Maybe you’ve been on the path for a while and on the edge of an inner shift, yet still noticing patterns of thought or behavior that feel limiting or, in some way, inauthentic or not fully aligned with who you know you are. Perhaps, you are awakening to the state of our world and the uncertainty we face as a global community and wondering how you can contribute more fully to the whole. Sometimes, you don’t know how to hold ALL that you are feeling inside of you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and, in some ways, hopeless about the future.

We may all unintentionally contribute to suffering on this planet. When we’re not aware of this, we are living a status quo, business as usual, and it contributes to personal and collective suffering. When we are really aware of who we are as humans and fundamentally shift how we show up in our lives, we can contribute to the world consciously, and stop unconsciously perpetuating the old paradigm. 

We know humanity is on the edge of a shift, and business as usual cannot sustain our changing world. We know that it is only through profound awareness, compassion, love, and deep wisdom, that we can move our world forward as NEW PARADIGM LEADERS: leading our lives and our world into the next level of consciousness. 

Within all of us is a feeling, an invitation, to reawaken our sense of connection to the Mystery and Beauty of life, to each other, to ourselves.

So, how do we take this next step?

Become a Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

The Spring Program is Full. Enrollment is Now Open for the September 2021 Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program

We are all up against a lot in this world. Experiences and traumas from our life, conditions from society, and our personal, social and spiritual environment, can profoundly affect our inner world. Much of the time we walk around on automatic, operating from an unconscious perspective and repeating patterns that we’ve developed throughout our lives. We get stuck in our unexamined assumptions about life and our personal mindset that doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

What would it look like to make the unconscious, conscious? To remember who we are in a more profound context and truly awaken the power within us to make conscious choices about how we create our lives and, by living who we are fully, inspire others to do the same?

Everything is interconnected. The work we do on ourselves creates a ripple effect into our world. As we deepen our self-awareness and ability to respond to life with more presence, authenticity and depth, we create inspired actions that contribute to a more awake, compassionate and connected world. Are you ready to take this next step in your life?

If this feels exciting to you, read on!

The psychosynthesis life coaching program was the most powerful and transformative training program I have experienced. I have gone through other long term programs which have been rewarding, however, my growth through the Psychospiritual Institute was one that truly changed my life trajectory. The training wasn’t simply about learning practices and techniques associated with psychosynthesis, it was more on learning about myself, integrating all aspects of who I am as a spiritual and human being, and how I can contribute to the world from my own life experiences... I had incredible breakthroughs! The Psychosynthesis Life Coach training is the promise I was seeking to bond all of my talents to cohesively guide others into discovering their own limitations and the strength to rise into their own potential, just as the program offered me. Feeling blessed for the breakthroughs and transformations, for the friendships created, and for the support that I still feel beyond graduation!  - Dass Shanti, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Psychospiritual Institute


We believe that each person is creative, resourceful and whole. It is our mission to help people remember exactly who they are and support them to become who they are meant to be, beyond the conditions of society. We help people dissolve patterns of behavior that keep them feeling stuck, and realign purpose and action so they can show up more fully in their own lives and create massive impact in our world.

We are creating a powerhouse community of changemakers, who are transforming the world through their own inner growth and radically-shifted mindset, new paradigm leadership skills, and heart-centered businesses.

Psychospiritual Institute offers individual coaching and mentorship, workshops, mindful-living events, business programs for mission-driven entrepreneurs, and one of the world’s leading fully accredited transformational coach training and leadership programs in the transpersonal psychology of Psychosynthesis. 

The work we do here is unique. Our programs combine spiritual psychology, deep ecology, leadership skills and conscious business development to address and develop not only ourselves as individuals, but our ability to impact and inspire society as a whole.



People who are active in the world or feel an emerging pull to step out and contribute to change on a larger level



People ready to lead their own lives with deep awareness and value alignment AND people ready to step into larger platforms of leadership for more massive contribution



People who are just starting out and people who have been already winging it intuitively as a coach for years and desire a more scientifically and spiritually rooted proven system of transformation to uplevel their ability to support lasting change for their clients



People who desire to work for themselves or within high level organizations in a way that contributes to our world and recognizes conscious business approaches



You know who you are!

We attract people, who recognize the status quo and business as usual models are becoming obsolete and are ready to shake things up. Bold leaders armed with love, science, and a wildly broken-open heart. Visionaries who see a new possibility for the future and are ready to live and guide our way there. And people who want to maximize their impact in the world. 

We also work with people who want to do this work for themselves AND people who want to learn how to facilitate powerful change in the lives of others. 

Does this sound like you?

"I took this program completely online for Australia and it was hands down the BEST program I have ever taken. The program content is incredibly rich bringing a perfect balance of theory and experience. The course gave me an incredible framework. This course has it all and more. The teaching staff are genuine, caring, authentic professionals. They are also incredible mentors, and now dear friends. They inspired me more than any other teacher I have had. And I'm not easily impressed. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Even if you are not in the USA, I heartily recommend this course."  - Anjani Amrit, Soul Purpose Mentor, Australia


CCE Board Certified Psychosynthesis Coach Training and Leadership Program

Our comprehensive accredited program is based on the transpersonal (spiritual) psychology of Psychosynthesis, also known as the science of the soul. It explores the evolutionary potential of human consciousness, and blends science and spirituality through 7 core concepts of transformation that address the whole person. This spiritual psychology forms the roots of the transpersonal psychology movement and was created over 100 years ago by Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. It is an evolutionary framework that continues to evolve as we learn more about the nature of what it means to be human, whole and interconnected to life. 

Become a Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

The Spring Program is Full. Enrollment is Now Open for the September 2021 Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program


Coaching and Mentoring

We work together with you to honor, integrate and synthesize your core qualities, your inner and outer resources and your deepest sense of purpose. Together, as your ally and guide, we support you to create alignment, confidence and clarity in your life, business, relationships and in your greater mission and contribution to our world. You will experience personal breakthroughs that fundamentally restructure your mindset, develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and freedom, and strengthen your ability to make powerful decisions that move your life forward.

Find out more about our one-on-one coaching and mentorship packages.

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Courses and Workshops

We offer self-leadership courses both in person and online. We are also available to work with groups and businesses and offer mindset, leadership and mindfulness programs that uplevel performance and strengthen intrapersonal connection in the workplace.

Find out more about our courses and workshops.

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Mindful-Living Events

We create mindfulness-based community events that bring the collective together to support a deeper conversation about our inner and outer world. We know there is strength in community, and we believe that together we stimulate more creative ideas, inspiration and collaboration toward a shared vision of a more connected and whole world.

Find out more about our upcoming events.

"Thanks to the Psychosynthesis Program, I not only have a wealth of knowledge, tools and inspiration to work with and guide my clients, but what I gained personally and spiritually from this program leaves me speechless. I recommend this program to anyone who is in the position of guiding others as well as for those who are seeking their own personal spiritual growth and healing. The Psychosynthesis Program has changed my life in so many positive ways, and I feel so blessed that I have received so many gifts that I am both able to benefit from personally as well as to share with others."  - Julie Clark, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

"The decision to take part in this program was one of the best choices that I have ever made. The dedication and passion that the teachers pour into this work is incredibly inspiring. Not only did it prepare me for the path that I have decided to walk, it also helped me truly discover aspects of myself that I did not fully understand and how to live towards my full potential. Yes, it is a 9-month program, but the lessons learned and the relationships that were developed will live on for many years to come and I will cherish every moment from within that 9 month class." - Ian Jones, Psychosynthesis Life Coach