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Apply for our CCE Accredited Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program to deepen your self-awareness, create a thriving, soul-centered coaching business, and make a difference in our changing world.

Lead Yourself, Lead Our World:

Get your IDEAL MODEL Exercise, and lead your life with confidence, clarity and authenticity for maximum impact in the world.
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Imagine what your life would be like if you had the absolute clarity, skills, and confidence to step wholeheartedly into your path and help lead our world forward in a time of change?

Do you walk the middle path between science and spirituality?

Are you ready to deepen your inner work and embody purpose, meaning, and contribution in your life?

Is this your time to step into your gifts as a guide and support others in their healing so, together, we can help make our world more whole and vital?


If the answer is yes, YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HERE.


Maybe you’ve been on the path for a while, yet still notice patterns of thought or behavior that feel limiting or, in some way, not fully aligned with who you know you are. You can feel things intensifying, right? Perhaps, you’re awakening to the state of our world and the uncertainty we face as a global community and wondering how you can make a meaningful difference.

What if you could have the knowledge and tools to not only experience the next level of personal transformation within yourself, but to ignite a soul-level confidence that would allow you to become the true director of your life and a powerful guide for others?

How would that change your life and all the lives you touch?

We know humanity is on the edge of a shift, and “business as usual” cannot sustain our changing world. The current systems must change.

This includes the coaching industry. It’s time for a deeper approach to coaching, one that prepares new and seasoned coaches to meet the needs of our changing world.

Environmentalist Paul Hawkens said, coaching needs to become part of the shift in collective human consciousness.

Take a moment to really take that in.

It’s time to lead our lives and our world from a deeper context: one that sees the world and all beings as sacred, that celebrates connection, uniqueness, and diversity, and one that honors the potential within us all.

Through expanded self-awareness, deep wisdom, and inspired action, we can contribute to this shift and move our world forward as AWAKENED LEADERS.

This is the work we do at Psychospiritual Institute.

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"A most wonderful deep dive into the Self, gaining wonderful tools along the way to then be integrated and shared for the healing of our world. I am forever grateful for the experience and for the amazing guides who held space for me, my beloved wife (as we shared the journey together), and all who shared in the space."

Adam Pacitti

"The amazing people, teachers and all the knowledge and gentle wisdom they share in every interaction is indescribable. I feel blessed to have found exactly what I was looking for at this stage in my life that will lead me to all the possibilities in the present and future."

Ximena Duarte

"One of the best decisions of my life was taking the 9-month certification course! If you really want to dive deep into yourself and bring more harmony into your life, Psychosynthesis will show you the way! We are changing the world from the inside out."

Giuliana Olivo

Who We Work With

PSI sacred geometry ChangeMakers


People who are active in the world or feel an emerging pull to step out and contribute to change on a larger level.



People ready to lead their own lives with deep awareness and value alignment AND people ready to step into larger platforms of leadership for more massive contributions.

Coaches Facilitators Speakers


People who are just starting out and people who have been already winging it intuitively as a coach for years and desire a more scientifically and spiritually rooted proven system of transformation to uplevel their ability to support lasting change for their clients.

Psychospiritual Institute works with Changemakers.


People who desire to work for themselves or within high-level organizations in a way that contributes to our world and recognizes conscious business approaches.

compassionate troublemakers


You know who you are!

We attract people, who recognize the status quo and business-as-usual models are becoming obsolete and are ready to shake things up. Bold, emerging leaders armed with love, science, and a wildly broken-open heart. Visionaries who see a new possibility for the future and are ready to help guide our way there.

Does this sound like you?

Coaching & Mentoring

Recommended Psychosynthesis Coaches

Courses & Workshops

The online, self-paced course 'Self-Coaching Mastery' is available now

Awakened Leadership Retreats

Inner Fire Retreat is October 5-11, 2024 at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

"What an absolute honor to go on this journey with the Psychospiritual Institute. I HIGHLY recommend this 9-month transformative experience. Their systems of education are in depth and they take you so deeply into Self. I am forever changed, and cemented into my path as a full-time, professional Life Coach! I have endless gratitude."

Dominic Vetuschi

"Enrolling in the Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership program at the Psychospiritual Institute was all that I’d envisioned it to be and beyond! The theoretical concepts learned and applied in practice have transformed my worldview in such a way that I now experience a much deeper connection to Self, an embodied sense of confidence, and harmonization of all of the components of my psyche. I am now able to most effectively offer all that I am (in service) from this authentically integrated and transpersonally aligned place! If the call is present for you to join this course, trust that you will be moved in this same way."

Ariel Bartolo-Kira

"I cannot say enough good things about Psychospiritual Institute's Life Coaching program. It is so thorough, heartfelt and life-transforming. I highly recommend it for anyone who is wanting a deep immersion into the field of life coaching with a more spiritual emphasis."

Erika Trice