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Psychospiritual Institute is Committed to...

Inspiring and Supporting

Inspiring and supporting others in understanding psychospiritual wholeness and cultivating a deeper connection to Self through individual and group coaching, workshops, events and certified coaching programs

Training and Nurturing

Training and nurturing the next generation of Psychosynthesis Coaches and contributing to the continued development of this transpersonal and holistic framework

Building Community

Building a nourishing community to support one another in the personal work of psychosynthesis and in developing thriving coaching practices in globally

The Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership Program is accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) in fulfillment of their training requirements to become a Board Certified Coach (BCC).
Training leads to Certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC).  For those qualified, this training fulfills all coach training requirements to take the test to become a Board Certified Coach (BCC).

The Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership program was one of the best things I have ever committed to and I am forever grateful to Val, Alyssa and their team of mentors and coaches for the opportunity to learn from and grow with like-spirited beings. If you are looking to find clarity in your purpose, experience a more fulfilling life and expand your tribe, I would recommend taking this program. It is definitely life-changing.

- N Renee McFadden, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

I have taken many programs and courses all over the globe and this Psychosynthesis Coaching Program is by far my favorite! From the moment we began I was delighted with the trainers masterful ways of speaking to the value of having a balanced understanding of psychology and spirituality in the context of our ever evolving world. The powerful exercises they introduced left many, if not all of us, in tears and with an even greater awareness of who we are. I am a brighter, more grounded and available human being because of my choice to say yes to this amazing program.

- Ash Ruiz, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Psychospiritual Institute Meet the Team

We are authors, creators, master coaches, deep ecologists, activists, doctors, artists, counselors, healers, entrepreneurs and educators with over 65 years of combined experience in psychosynthesis.

Val Silidker Board Certified Coach
Val Silidker, MS, BCC

Co-founder, Director, Lead Instructor, Board Certified Coach

Val Silidker M.S., BCC (Board Certified Coach) is the co-founder and director of Psychospiritual Institute, as well as a lead trainer. She is a board certified coach and has been coaching individuals and facilitating groups for over 20 years, specializing in transpersonal psychology, deep ecology, eco-therapy, authentic connection work, and holistic business coaching, as well as mindset and leadership skills.  Val is also an international speaker, author of “Call of the Ecological Self", and has been featured multiple times on Hay House Radio, NBC, and USA Today, as well as numerous publications.

Val works with change-makers, emerging leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs to inspire the highest level of mindset, purpose and action in their lives. Over the past two decades, she has produced close to one hundred large-scale mindful-living events, retreats, and workshops, and gratefully inspired the transformation of thousands of people world-wide.

Val is passionate about psychological and spiritual maturity, personal and global leadership, nature and the human psyche, and rewilding our hearts. Her greater purpose is to remind us of who we are so we can show up more fully in our lives and contribute wholeheartedly to our world.

Alyssa Whitehouse
Alyssa Whitehouse, MBA, BCC

Co-founder, Director of Operations, Board Certified Coach

Alyssa Shannon Whitehouse, MBA, BCC is co-founder and director of operations at Psychospiritual Institute as well as a mother, an explorer, an artist, an athlete, and a nature lover. She see beauty in everyone, every experience, and all of life. As a multi-passionate adventurer, Alyssa has enjoyed careers as an animal/environmental activist, graphic designer, scuba dive instructor, yachtie, entrepreneur, teacher, meditation guide, and life/wellness coach.

Throughout all these adventures, she consistently worked with various personal and transpersonal processes and practices to inspire profound transformation in her own life as well as others.

Today, she is a Board Certified Coach, Psychosynthesis Life Coach, and Recovery Coach, with speciality certifications in holistic healing nutrition, guided visualization, dreamwork, and creative arts. In addition to Psychospiritual Institute, she works privately with women moving from addiction into recovery supporting them to build capacity, resilience, spiritual connection, and self-love. Together, she partners with her clients to discover and heal the deeply embedded parts of themselves that hold them back and to create a life of joy and freedom.

Working with the personal self, the higher Self, and our deepest soul’s calling, she guides us to fully embrace all that we are, so we may all step into our power, and bravely live the life we are meant to live, our call of Self. 

Jon Schottland Board Certified Coach
Jon Schottland, MA, BCC

Senior Instructor, Board Certified Coach

Jon Schottland is a senior trainer at Psychospiritual Institute and the founder and director of Synthesis Northeast. Jon was a senior trainer at the Synthesis Center in Amherst, MA for 15 years and also taught in the graduate psychology programs at Sofia University and American International College for master's and doctoral level students.

He has provided extensive trainings for life coaches and corporate coaches across the U.S. and internationally. Jon holds an advanced degree in developmental psychology and is both a nationally Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC). He maintains a private practice where he specializes in working with teenagers and young adults. The focus of his work is cultivating deep presence and attention to promote healing, self expression, wholeness and optimal personal development.

Vienna Jasmin

Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Vienna is a Certified Psychosynthesis Coach and Trainer, Transpersonal Guide and Ritual Practitioner. She has a background in Emotional Mastery, Qigong, Reiki, and Indigenous forms of Traditional Healing and Somatic Work. Her intimate experience with the healing of trauma, both in herself and others, provides a unique, in-depth perspective on the human psyche, and the ability we possess to transcend the programming and stories of our past.  This understanding has fueled her work in Psychosynthesis for nearly 6 years.
Vienna became a Ceremonial and Ritual Practitioner via the studies of indigenous cultures and the journey of reconnection to her own native lineage. Apprenticeships to Medicine Men and Women from North and South American Traditions have since led her to facilitate transformational gatherings around the US and abroad.  Currently residing in the desert of Joshua Tree, Vienna's vision of a more connected planet is the driving force behind her enthusiasm for personal development. She believes it is through radical self-care, authentic reconnection, and deep inquiry that we are able to co-create a more holistic world and embody the change that we wish to see.
Amy Spalding-Fecher Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach
Amy Spalding-Fecher, MA, BCC

Instructor, Board Certified Coach

Amy is a Board Certified Life Coach and a trainer at Psychospiritual Institute and Synthesis Northeast. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and a B.A. in Art History from Harvard University. Her practice, Space to Dwell, offers coaching in personal development as well as coaching for designing the space in which we live. She uses process art in her practice as a tool for deep presence, awareness and transformation. Amy has a regular meditation and yoga practice, is an avid traveler, learner, wife and mother of two daughters.

Jessica Winans

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Jessica is a Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach, 200 YTT Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Embodiment Instructor and Astrologer who uses multiple modalities to support women’s empowerment through her signature programs Ultravioletly Aligned and The Wild Woman. Jessica believes authenticity + vulnerability = strength and helps women heal their hearts, find their voices; and step into their authentic power through fostering a deeper connection to their intuition, bodies and dharma.

Jessica’s professional background prior to coaching was in journalism, web and social media management and content creation; and she is also passionate in using the skills she's learned over the years to support soulpreneurs, change-makers, nonprofits and small businesses in sharing their magnetic and sustainable offers with the world. 

Genevieve Mackenzie Psychosynthesis Life Coach
Genevieve Mackenzie

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Genevieve Mackenzie is the founder of Self Like Co. She operates as an Emotions coach and her process includes feeling the full spectrum of our emotions in order to cultivate a happier life.

She teaches her clients how to be more present with the good times and feel more resilient during the difficult times. Her Philosophy is that It’s not about getting rid of the negative emotions, but learning to cultivate a better relationship with them. 

She believes that self love is often misrepresented and she is on a mission to unromanticize it.  She helps her clients cultivate self esteem without feeling so much shame along the way. She teaches them that they don’t need to love every part of themselves in order to begin having self value. Her work centers around psychosynthesis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Ariana Vallejo, CCH, PLC

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Ariana Vallejo, CCH, PLC is Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Certified Clinical Herbalist, passionate about holistic wellness and essence empowerment for women. She joyously serves her community with transformative presence, a soft place to land and powerful reflections.  As a Persian-American woman, her life journey has revealed a deep calling to reclaim soulful expression, coming from a lineage of deep feminine repression. These longings are what brought her to the Psychospiritual Institute, where she found the synthesis to embody her gifts and services, out into the world. Founder of "Liberated Essence", she holds the work of guiding and supporting women to reclaim their unique, embodied expression, with deep reverence and devotion. She lives and breathes this path, to serve in a way that proves to be vitally-transformative to all who experience it. 

Ariana is a northern CA native, Earth tender, medicine drummer, tribal fusion dancer, conscious mama and devoted wife. Above all else, she is a firm believer that the collective at large receives potent healing when we revel in the richness of our being!

Meghan Kuhn
Meghan Kuhn

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Meghan Kuhn is a Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Creator of The 7 Pillars of Permission & The Permission Place, a community and mentorship platform for high-achieving, high vibe women. Prior to creating The Permission Place, she founded Priizm, an on-demand coaching app tech start-up, two Covid era-specific TeleHealth Apps, and three proprietary coaching methodologies.

A relentless humanist, Meghan has spent decades seeking out answers to human questions, especially why we do what we do. She is certified through the International Coach Federation in Laser Coaching, Stanford’s Behavior Modification Technique ‘Tiny Habits’, ThetaHealing, prolific Landmark Educational trainings, among other education and certifications. She’s a 15-year veteran of advertising and media, was an Adjunct Professor at Miami Ad School, launched a photography business, and spent her early career in the non-corporate worlds of non-profits and the State Department in Athens, Greece. 

Meghan works with 1:1 clients, facilitates group meetups, and hosts retreats. She loves speaking to audiences about transformational topics and facilitating workshops and trainings in organizations where women are creating the brave new world through an emerging femme paradigm. 

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children, continually learning, creating, guiding others in their own hero/ines’ journeys, and putting hot sauce on just about everything.

Erin Ryan
Erin Ryan

Student Services Manager

Erin Ryan is an intuitive energy healer, artist, embodiment coach, and is training to be a holistic sex coach / therapeutic yoni massage practitioner. Her mission is to help women remember their primal essence and power through both physical embodiment and energetic upgrades. Creating safety within, healing the heart and yoni, and establishing deeper intimacy with self and others along the way.

After an epiphany during university she chose to pack up all her things and travel the world. Through 4 years of living an international nomadic life and doing multiple Yoga teacher trainings in India and Byron Bay, Australia, she rediscovered herself. Erin found her love of ritual / practice, devotion to self-development, and a desire to support those in their path to sacred remembering. 

She believes through accepting our darkness and loving all parts of ourselves we find liberation. Erin’s devotion is to unconditional freedom, sexual sovereignty, coexisting with our shadows, and experiencing life through an artist’s lens. She deeply desires a world where humans are empowered in their voice & activated by life while collectively raising the vibration of this realm together.

Erin LaBelle
Erin LaBelle

Social Media Manager, Photographer

Erin LaBelle is a storytelling artist who uses the camera to evoke contemplation and create social change. She studied Fine Art, Commercial Photography and Photojournalism. Erin has worked at newspapers and magazines, as well as for herself as a photographer, social media content creator and writer. Erin leads women to experience growth and awe through the camera by facilitating opportunities for a deeper connection with self, other, Nature and Spirit through her mentoring, classes and workshops.

Erin has guided photographers of all ages at Kent State University, a California Boys and Girls Club, an Italian Waldorf high school and most recently, Athens Photo Project where she taught Expressive Photography as a tool for mental health recovery and launched a new photographic social enterprise offering experiential learning through the camera for adults living with long term mental health challenges.

Erin believes self expression, creativity and story sharing hold the power to heal, connect and create forward momentum. She enjoys lifting up others and their work in the world through partnering to strengthen their online voice and narrative. At Athens Photo Project, Erin used her creative communication background to develop original content and grow mission and brand awareness as social media manager. Erin finds great joy in networking and connecting people to each other and causes she believes will make this world a better place!

Dr. Didi Firman Psychosynthesis
Dr. Didi Firman, Ed.D., LMHC, BCC

Guest Instructor

Dr. Firman has worked in the field of psychology and counseling for over thirty years and has traveled and taught nationally and internationally. Her specialties include: psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology; coaching & counseling towards meaning and purpose in life; and speaking, teaching & consulting with a focus on personal and spiritual empowerment.

She is a licensed mental health counselor, psychotherapist, life coach and is co-founder of the Synthesis Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. She was a professor at American International College in the department of Graduate Psychology and Counseling. Her scholarly writing has appeared in Counseling in a Complex Society and Counseling With Confidence as well as in a variety of other venues.

Dr. Firman is often a keynote speaker, consultant and workshop presenter, as well as a guest instructor in the Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership Certification Program at Psychospiritual Institute. She has also been a speaker/presenter at the Young President’s Organization, The Omega Institute for over twenty years, at Esalen, the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, at many hospitals and colleges, at conferences in the United States and Italy, and many more.

She is the New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul as well as Chicken Soup for the Soul, Celebrating Mothers and Daughters and Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul. She is also the author of Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work, and co-authored with Kevin Quirk, Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Share their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life. Coming on the anniversary of the miracle landing of flight 1549 on the Hudson River, the book celebrates the call to living lives of meaning and purpose that passengers and first responders have experienced after this near death experience. Her books have been translated into many languages.

Dr. Firman and her books have been featured on many TV and radio shows, including Oprah, Fox News, New Morning, Wisdom Television, Nightbeat, Eldervision, Time for Spirit and the CBS special Family 2 Family, among others. She works in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband of forty years. She has three grown children and four granddaughters. Didi is a practitioner of Iaido, a Japanese martial art, and holds a black belt.  Her life is defined by an ongoing inclination to listen for the call of Self—and then to answer.

Kenneth Sorensen Psychosynthesis
Kenneth Sørensen

Guest Instructor

Kenneth is the CEO of JiveYou, which offers an online identity profile assessment tool based on the insights of the Seven Types and Psychosynthesis. He is a guest instructor in the Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership Certification Program at Psychospiritual Institute and he is also the author of six books. His most recent are The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2015), Integral Meditation (2016), and The Seven Types (2019). 

Mark Horowitz
Mark Horowitz

Guest Instructor

Mark Horowitz is a leadership and organizational development consultant, an experienced educator, and board certified coach. He trained in Humanistic Psychology with Abraham Maslow, Ph.D. and in Psychosynthesis with Roberto Assagioli, M.D. He has studied the field of human systems for over forty years as a licensed individual and family therapist and as a management consultant and coach for businesses in the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. He has facilitated numerous leadership training programs and large-scale corporate change projects, and has served as coach to senior business leaders undertaking team and organizational development initiatives. He is a faculty member of the International School of Psychotherapy and Group Counseling in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has been an adjunct faculty member at John F. Kennedy University and Antioch San Francisco in California, and at Suffolk and Lesley Universities in Boston. Mark has taught Psychosynthesis at many centers around the world, including Psychospiritual Institute, the Psychosythesis Center in San Francisco, and the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London.

He is an amateur woodworker and a founding board member of The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. He is also the founder and president of The Uniterra Foundation, an international non-profit committed to the practical application of spiritual values to social change. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Abby Seixas.

Thomas R. Yeomans, Ph.D
Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D.

Guest Instructor

Thomas Yeomans is the founder and director of the Concord Institute and co-founder of the Internals School, a post-graduate training institute. His background includes education at Harvard, Oxford, and the Universe of California as well as professional work in the fields of literature, education, and psychology. Since 1970 he has worked as a psychotherapist, teacher, and trainer of professional in Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology throughout North America, Europe, and Russia.

He has published writing on Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology, as well as three volumes of poetry and a children’s book. His most recent book is “Holly Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening”.

Currently he maintains a private practice in soul process guiding and mentoring, and he teaches training seminars at Psychospiritual Institute in Soul Process Work.

He is a painter and musician and lives with his wife, Anne, in a small farmhouse with a large garden on a hillside.

I took this program completely online from Australia and it was hands down the BEST program I have ever taken... I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

-Anjani Amriit, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

The 9-month Psychosynthesis Coaching Training was truly an incredible experience. The curriculum, teachers, exercises, depth of knowledge shared and the way the program is structured and delivered were beyond my expectations. I had been looking for a Transpersonal Coaching Program for many years and I was extremely pleased to found this one.

-Claudia Urdaneta-Pacitti, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

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