What You Resist, Persists

“What you resist, persists.” -Carl Jung

What are you burying inside of you? What are you distracting yourself from? What is it that you do not want to turn toward, what emotion, what fear? Until you allow yourself to be present with what is honestly alive inside of you, you will never truly know yourself. And these suppressed emotions will continue to show up over and over again in your relationship with yourself, with others, with the world. They will manifest as addictions, radical behaviors that don’t really feel like YOU. These hurt ones, angry ones, fearful ones, they want to be acknowledged. And, until they are, they will grow stronger and continue to find new ways to make you pay attention. They will hijack your freedom and sense of Self. The only way to come to the other side is to move through it, to fully experience EVERYTHING inside of you. And this takes great courage. Take a breath. Be still. You have this capacity within you. Honor whatever emotions come with curiosity for what they have to teach you. Be gentle, be honest. Welcome them home. It is through this embrace that you will finally be able to move forward authentic and whole. And in that, my friend, is true freedom.

Doorway to Wholeness

Loves…Be gentle with yourself. Every experience is part of your journey, and it is perfect.  No need to be overwhelmed in feelings of guilt or shame, unworthiness or fear… you are an explorer, a scientist experimenting with life…so when these feelings arise, experience them with curiosity. Ask them what they want you to know. Embrace all of your experiences, all of your emotions. Each of them is an ally — confusion, fear, joy, love — befriend them, and allow them to become a doorway into your wholeness.  Remember that you are the dreamer, you are not the dream. You choose how the story unfolds. And every part of the unfolding has information to support you as you deepen into your understanding of life and Self.