10 Reasons You Want to Learn Psychosynthesis

  1. There is a “you” inside just waiting, longing to come out.

  2. You can’t get out of your own way sometimes. It feels like you’re driving your car with the emergency brake on.

  3. You want to be “both/and” rather than “either/or”. Wholeness sounds better to you than polarity and fragmentation.

  4. You have a personality, and sometimes you just don’t know what to do with it.

  5. You want to live in a way that feels more connected, meaningful and real.

  6. You’re tired of reprocessing your old worries, stories, and limiting beliefs. You know you are more than all that.

  7. The Self has been calling for all these many years. You’d like to upgrade your own internal compass and follow that path.

  8. “Psychosynthesis” has a nice ring to it. The synthesis of psychology and spirituality appeals to you.

  9. You want to find your own particular life balance and flow.

  10. Our world needs you:  your voice, your gifts, your service.

Written by:

Jon Schottland
PSI Senior Trainer

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