The Field: An Online Gathering Space to Build Resilience and Inspire Collective Healing in our World.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. - Rumi

Our world is experiencing trauma. So many of us are feeling a sense of grief, uncertainty, and the fear that can arise when we hold the weight of the world within us. We feel paralyzed and numb at times and, other times, overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions, and the polarization and fragmentation surrounding us.

How can we understand our experience more deeply, build resilience and move toward collective healing?

The Field is a sacred space for us to come together beyond our stories, to become more present to our current experience, so we can collectively navigate through these intense times. It is an invitation to hold ourselves and each other in our human experience, without judgment, and to build resilience so we can take that next step with more self-awareness and a greater vision for our future.

It is a space that offers ongoing connection for people world-wide, who are interested in personal and collective healing and global transformation. 

A place for Presence, Deep Inquiry, And Community.

In The Field gathers, you'll experience:


Live Meditations


Mindfulness Practice
Inspired Teachings


Group Sharing
& Breakout Rooms


Guest Teachers
& Musicians


Rituals for Developing Presence
& Building Resilience


Community Conversations


Soul-level Nourishment

When we create space to become present with curiosity, we begin to see more of who we are. That part of us that has always been here and yet not always available to our awareness.

When we get still and allow ourselves to sink into the moment just as it is, we feel ourselves more deeply. We honor our pain, our fear, and our grief, as well as our love and hope for the world.

Let’s slow down, together. Let’s explore the depth of each breath and what it has to teach us when we learn how to become more present to life.

When we remember who we are, it inspires more loving choices in our lives. It opens us to a deeper alignment with our purpose and values. It allows us to reclaim our inner joy... the joy that transcends circumstances.

This is how we live and love from the heart that is broken open to the world.

Let’s explore this together.

I’ll meet you there...


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