Feast for the Soul 2019

Welcome to the Feast for the Soul Florida:
40 Days of Meditation and Mindfulness


Featuring over 40 Florida teachers, musicians and community leaders!

January 15 through February 23, 2020

Opening Ceremony on January 11.  Closing Celebration on February 29.

If you have any trouble or need assistance registering for the Feast, please connect with us at info@psychospiritualcoaching.com


Do you feel the level of intensity rising in your life and in our world?

Would you like to experience more peace, connection, self-awareness and community?

Forty days of heart-centered intention can change your life.  It will unleash the only force that truly has the power to set your life in the direction of the purpose, peace, contribution and abundance you desire...

The Power of Presence.

Join over 20,000 people from all over the world, of all ages in all traditions, and hundreds from our local south Florida community, who are taking part in one of the LARGEST GLOBAL MEDITATION MOVEMENTS in the world!

What is the Feast for the Soul?

The Feast for the Soul is a 40-day global spiritual intensive both online and in-person that promotes self discovery, mindfulness, meditative and creative practices and a deeper sense of awareness and inner peace. Think of it like a virtual retreat whereby you can commit to 40 days of spiritual practice through meditation, movement, breathwork, yoga and more.

We are coming together to make this commitment to ourselves and our world, because we know that transformation begins within.

To support our 40-day practice, we have brought together over 40 teachers, musicians and community leaders from Florida.  Each one a powerful guide to hold you in your inner exploration, presence, connection and creative expression.

During the Feast, You Will Experience:

  • Our in-person opening ceremony and closing celebration party 
  • 40 days of guided video meditation, yoga, music/mantra, breath work and movement each morning in your email inbox with 40 different local guides 
  • Gifts from our teachers to support you beyond the 40 days 
  • Our Facebook group for continuous interaction, accountability and support 
  • Incredible community, new friends and partnerships 
  • And EVERYTHING is included with registration!

Just imagine how this could transform your relationships,
your business and your life!

:How it Works:

Please register to be part of the Feast for the Soul.
There is a sliding scale so you can pay what you can at only
$37, $57 or $77.

Proceeds are donated to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Children & Nature Network.


Opening Ceremony is In-person at the YogaExpo on
Saturday, January 11th @ 6:30pm


Broward County Convention Center
1950 Eisenhower Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316

Come to the YogaExpo for classes beginning at 10am
CLICK HERE for the YogaExpo class schedule


Come at 5pm for a FREE yoga class & the Feast for the Soul 2020 Opening Ceremony


Closing Celebration is In-person at YogaFest on
Saturday, February 29th @ 6:30pm


Huizenga Plaza
One East Las Olas Blvd.
Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Come to YogaFest beginning at 10am
CLICK HERE for the YogaFest schedule of events


If you are part of the feast, you are welcome to come at 5pm to attend Val Silidker's workshop for FREE & then the Feast for the Soul 2020 Closing Celebration is open to all beginning at 6:30pm

The Feast for the Soul is a powerful way to step into the new year together as community.  By signing up to participate, you are joining a growing global community of more than 20,000 individuals, of all ages in all traditions, committed to sustaining a daily spiritual practice and expanding awareness.  It is this inner work that allows us to contribute, wholeheartedly, to the changes needed in our lives, our relationships and our world.

Join us for this life-changing journey.

If you have any trouble or need assistance registering for the Feast, please connect with us at info@psychospiritualcoaching.com

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