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Inspiring and Supporting

Inspiring and supporting others in understanding psychospiritual wholeness and cultivating a deeper connection to Self through individual and group coaching, workshops, events and certified coaching programs

Training and Nurturing

Training and nurturing the next generation of Psychosynthesis Coaches and contributing to the continued development of this transpersonal and holistic framework

Building Community

Building a nourishing community to support one another in the personal work of psychosynthesis and in developing thriving coaching practices in globally

The Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership Program is accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) in fulfillment of their training requirements to become a Board Certified Coach (BCC).
Training leads to Certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC).  For those qualified, this training fulfills all coach training requirements to take the test to become a Board Certified Coach (BCC).

We are authors, creators, master coaches, deep ecologists, activists, doctors, artists, counselors, healers, entrepreneurs and educators with over 65 years of combined experience in psychosynthesis.

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Val Silidker

Co-founder, Director, Lead Instructor, Board Certified Coach

Val Silidker M.S., BCC (Board Certified Coach) is the co-founder and director of Psychospiritual Institute, as well as a lead trainer. She is a board certified coach and has been coaching individuals and facilitating groups for over 20 years, specializing in transpersonal psychology, deep ecology, eco-therapy, authentic connection work, and holistic business coaching, as well as mindset and leadership skills.  Val is also an international speaker, author of “Call of the Ecological Self", and has been featured multiple times on Hay House Radio, NBC, and USA Today, as well as numerous publications.

Val works with change-makers, emerging leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs to inspire the highest level of mindset, purpose and action in their lives. Over the past two decades, she has produced close to one hundred large-scale mindful-living events, retreats, and workshops, and gratefully inspired the transformation of thousands of people world-wide.

Val is passionate about psychological and spiritual maturity, personal and global leadership, nature and the human psyche, and rewilding our hearts. Her greater purpose is to remind us of who we are so we can show up more fully in our lives and contribute wholeheartedly to our world.

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Alyssa Whitehouse

Co-founder, Director of Operations, Board Certified Coach

Alyssa Whitehouse is co-founder and director of operations at Psychospiritual Institute. With a bachelors of science and a masters of arts, Alyssa’s background is rooted in both science and creative expression combined with over 25 years experience in spiritual practices and community service.

Alyssa is both a nationally Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC) with coaching specialties in soul process art, psychosynthesis, integrative nutrition, and recovery.

Alyssa blends her experiences and training into soul process creative art programs, one-on-one coaching/mentorship, and mother/daughter reconnection nature programs. Additionally, through her signature emotional intelligence and resilience program, Alyssa guides children to think more deeply, be more resilient, and to stand strong within their true authentic self.

The work she does supports us all to open up to possibility, fully love ourselves and each other, and embrace our light within so we step into our power and bravely live the life we are meant to live, our call of Self.

Alyssa sees the beauty in everyone and everything. She believes that the willingness to look deep within, loving what we find, and the courage to be vulnerable inspires authentic, deep connections to ourselves, each other, and our world.


Jon Schottland

Senior Instructor, Board Certified Coach

Jon Schottland MA, LMHC, BCC is the founder and director of Synthesis Northeast, a psychosynthesis and professional coach certification program serving the New England/NY region. Jon was a senior trainer at the Synthesis Center in Amherst, MA for 15 years and previously taught in the graduate psychology programs at Sofia University and American International College for master's and doctoral level students. He has provided extensive trainings for life coaches and corporate coaches across the U.S. and internationally. Jon holds an advanced degree in developmental psychology and is both a nationally Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC). He maintains a private practice where he specializes in working with teenagers and young adults. The focus of his work is cultivating deep presence and attention to promote healing, self expression, wholeness and optimal personal development.

Monica Reyes

Monica Reyes, ESQ

Instructor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Monica Reyes, ESQ is a dynamic speaker, and activist for compassion, guiding and empowering leaders towards self-awareness, spiritual awareness and purpose.  She bridges ancient spiritual principles with the latest in science and braids it into easily digestible and practical ideas.  She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, a Psychosynthesis life coach and an attorney who left her fruitful law practice to answer her soul'd call for more.  Her background allows her to easily integrate her teachings into the corporate and athletic setting.  She has working with companies such as Gucci, Ricoh, NFLPA, TD Bank, bringing executives and professional athletes to look within for more success, creativity and inner peace.  She is a TEDx Speaker and has spoken in front of audiences ranging from small venues to tens of thousands in all demographics and purposes with her message.


Vienna Jasmin

Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Vienna Jasmin is a Transpersonal Guide and Ceremonial Practitioner.  She has a background in Reiki, Emotional Mastery, and Qigong. Her intimate experience with the healing of trauma, both in herself and others, provides a unique, in depth perspective on the human psyche, and the ability we possess as sentient begins to transcend the programs and stories of our past.  This understanding led to her studies and certification in Psychosynthesis.  Vienna became a Ceremonial practitioner through the studies of indigenous culture and the journey of reconnection to her own roots.  An apprenticeship to a Yaqui Medicine Man in Arizona has since led her to facilitate transformational gatherings around the US and abroad.  Currently residing in the desert of Joshua Tree, Vienna's vision of a more connected planet is the driving force behind her enthusiasm for personal development. She believes it is through radical self0care, authentic reconnection, and deep inquiry that we are able to co-create a more holistic world.

Amy Spalding-Fecher

Amy Spalding-Fecher

Instructor, Board Certified Coach

Amy is a Board certified life coach and a trainer at Psychospiritual Institute and Synthesis Northeast. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and a B.A. in Art History from Harvard University. Her practice, Space to Dwell, offers coaching in personal development as well as coaching for designing the space in which we live. She uses process art in her practice as a tool for deep presence, awareness and transformation. Amy has a regular meditation and yoga practice, is an avid traveler, learner, wife and mother of two daughters.


Elaine Reinoso

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Elaine Reinoso is masterful at career transitions, life upgrades, the art of decluttering, and being of service in a heart centered way.  She found material success in the world of finance and banking. Several years of the market crashing, corporate restructure, and layoffs shattered the illusion of financial stability.  The Universe said, "Sink or Swim Elaine?!" With 2 weeks severance pay and zero in savings, she choose to swim, away from Corporate America. This began the journey which awakened her soul to its truest purpose.  As a connoisseur of personal development and spiritual practices that's well versed in financial literacy, she has liberated herself from the matrix and began sharing her experience, knowledge, and "blanket-of-love" with the world along the way.  She is committed to every person on this planet knowing themselves to be empowered, financially free, at peace, and filled with love.  Because financial literacy is not taught in school, and "broke" is a mindset problem that can be cured by synthesizing beliefs, she believes in hacking the system by educating her clients to develop positive cash flow plans, get out of debt, and create passive income so they can choose if they wish to ever work again.


Chelsea Jean

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Chelsea Jean is the founder of Rose House Coaching, a psychospiritual coaching business centered around emotional and spiritual expansion. She is a graduate of the Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership program and holds a degree in theatre performance and directing, both of which have guided her toward becoming a deeply empathic, creative, and intuitive teacher. Her work includes 1:1 coaching, Human Design, tarot, group courses, and meditation instruction. Chelsea loves to work with those experiencing the beautiful highs and lows of the spiritual awakening process to bring them into deeper consciousness, curiosity, love, and acceptance.

Julie Clark

Julie Clark

Assistant Instructor, Student Mentor, Board Certified Coach

Julie Clark is the founder of Cosmic Warrior Wisdom, LLC. She is a Board-Certified Coach, and her specialties include Psychosynthesis Coaching, Entheogenic Medicine Integration and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Julie’s training and certifications include Entheogenic (Psychedelic) Medicine Integration, Psychosynthesis (Psychospiritual) Coaching, Living Foods Preparation and Addiction Recovery Coaching. She works with individuals, coaches in group settings, and facilitates workshops for personal and spiritual growth, empowerment and connection with the Divine.

The work that Julie does helps people to create and solidify new patterns of thought, emotional responses, and shifts in perception about the self and world. Together, she and her clients establish methods to ground insights and epiphanies that they receive from their personal growth work.

Julie’s life purpose is to empower others to unlock the Cosmic Wisdom that each of us carries within. Through a lifetime of deep personal work, she has been given gifts which were meant to be passed on and shared from the heart. Julie is passionate about awakening in others their unique strengths, insights and abilities. She recognizes that all people have an equal amount of connection to Cosmic, Divine Wisdom, and it is her mission to help people reestablish and fortify their natural communion with this force. Her time with clients is temporary; their connection to and reliance upon their own inner guidance will last a lifetime.

Didi Firman

Dr. Didi Firman

Guest Senior Instructor

Dr. Didi Firman, Ed.D., LMHC, BCC has spent her entire adult life working with people through the lens of the spiritual psychology, psychosynthesis. She has a doctorate in psychology, is a licensed mental health counselor,  board certified coach,  professor of psychology, a public speaker and a NY Times bestselling author. Closest to her heart, though, is the work of teaching psychosynthesis as a life changing spiritual path to soulful living and right livelihood. In service of this, Didi is the president and founder of the Synthesis Center, a nonprofit psychosynthesis educational institution founded in 1976.  For over 30 years, Didi worked with her mother as authors and workshop leaders on the topic of mother & daughter relationship. Their books included: Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul and Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work.  And during these years, Didi spent a lot of time on TV and radio, including a wonderful stint on the Oprah Winfrey show! Didi has authored books on topics as diverse as Living Well with Chronic Illness and Brace For Impact, about life’s second chances for the survivors of the Hudson River crash landing. Didi has presented throughout the United States from Omega Institute on the East Coast to Esalen on the West. She also presents internationally, including in the Soviet Union.  


This is the Coaching Program I had been looking for years. The 9-month Pychosynthesis Coaching Training was truly an incredible experience. From the curriculum, teachers, exercises, depth of knowledge shared and the way the program is structured and delivered were beyond my expectations. I had been looking for a Transpersonal Coaching Program for many years and I was extremely pleased to found this one. You are plugging into an already existing and fascinating body of work that is Psychosynthesis. If you are looking for a Transpersonal Coaching program, I highly recommend this one. Special thanks for the amazing team: Valerie Silidker, Alyssa Shannon Whitehouse, Jon Schottland, Monica Reyes, Elaine Reinoso and Vienna Jasmin for your guidance, commitment, love, and support. Thank you for your hard work. - Claudia Pacitti-Urdaneta

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